A Design for the HEASARC Data Access Systems

A Design for the HEASARC Data Access Systems.A Design for the HEASARC Data Access Systems. 1.2. Abstract Structure. 4.2.1. Resources and the HEASARC. 4.2.5. Capabilities of resource types. 7.3. Operations Overview 10.4. Detailed Design. 12.4.1. Standard Library: Data Access Layer 12

Case Western Reserve University s1

CASE WESTERN RESERVE UNIVERSITY.Case School of Engineering.Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.EECS 490. Computer Processing of Images (3).Fall 2004 Course Information.NEW Summary Description

Using the Excel Services Ecmascript Object Model Lab

Using the Excel Services ECMAScript Object Model.Exercise 1: Experimenting with the ECMAScript object model 4.Task 1 Setting up SharePoint Web Part Page 4.Task 2 Modifying FabriKamReporting.js 7.Exercise 1 Verification 9.Exercise 2: Deploying and debugging an Excel Services ECMAScript 10

Counterpropagation Networks

Counterpropagation Network.Counterpropagation Networks.An example of a hybrid network which combine the features of two or more basic network designs.Proposed by Hecht-Nielsen in 1986