JOB DESCRIPTION.Job Title:ACCOUNTS & ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT.12 month contract - option to extend or become permanent.Scale / Salary: 21,000 per annum, pro rata for part-time.Responsible to: Director of Finance and Operations.Pension: 5% employer s pension contribution

Multi-City Business License and Tax Portal Solution

City of Seattle.Request For Proposal (RFP) # FAS-3102.Multi-City Business License and Tax Portal Solution.The following is additional information regarding RFP #FAS-3102, titled Multi-City Business License and Tax Portal Solution released on January 11

National Defense Industrial Association Central Florida Chapter (NDIA CFL)

National Defense Industrial Association Central Florida Chapter (NDIA CFL).Board of Directors Nominees.Members of NDIA CFL.Your vote is important and your prompt attention is appreciated. The five nominees with the most votes will be elected to a full

Economical Way of Joining Metal

Economical way of joining metal.Approximately over 50% of the GNP of the U.S.A. is welding.Bronze Age - 1000 BC - Pressure Welding.Iron Age - 500 BC - Egyptians welded pieces of iron together.Middle Ages, Forge Welding.Welding today - 19th century.Welding risks - Estimated 562,000 employees

The Estimated Revenues from a New Video Gaming Tax in Illinois

Arduin, Laffer & Moore Econometrics The Estimated Revenues from a New Video Gaming Tax in Illinois.The Estimated Revenues from a New Video Gaming Tax in Illinois.Arduin, Laffer & Moore Econometrics.July 2009 THE ESTIMATED REVENUES FROM A NEW VIDEO GAMING TAX IN ILLINOIS

Agenda of the Ercot

MINUTES OF THE ERCOT.NODAL TRANSITION PLAN TASK FORCE (TPTF) MEETING.ERCOT Austin Office.7620 Metro Center Drive.Meeting Attendance: 1.Voting Attendees.Assigned Proxies.Marcie Zlotnik (StarTex Power), Read Comstock (Strategic Energy), Kim Bucher (Accent

Thermal Process and Mild Steel Pipework s3

Trade of Toolmaking Phase 2.Table of Contents.Document Release History 3.Unit Objective 4.1.0 Identifying And Selecting Grinding Wheels 5.1.1 Identification Of The Standard Markings On An Abrasive Wheel Blotter (Paper Washer) E.G. A 54 M 8 V 5

2. Ignition Switch - HOLD OFF (Starter Continue Engaged)

Abnormal Starts.If ITT rate of increase appears likely to exceed 925ºC (hot start), normal N1 increase is halted (hung start), or no rise of ITT is evident w/in 10 sec after selecting FTHR w/condition lever (no start), proceed.1. Condition lever - FUEL OFF

Agency S Project Id

Agency s Project ID: P090804.GEFSEC Project ID: 2889.Country: Mozambique.Project Title: Zambezi Valley Market Led Smallholder Development.GEF Agency: World Bank.Other Executing Agency(ies).Duration: 6 years.GEF Focal Area: Land Degradation.GEF Operational Program: OP15 Sustainable Land Management;

1. What Is the Argument About Why There Is a Worldwide Savings Glut?

1. What is the argument about why there is a worldwide savings glut?.2. What are the arguments about why America s spending glut is good for the US and the world?.3. Do these arguments seem reasonable? Explain

Vet Admin Version

Joel Saren Page: 2.Joel P. Saren, PMP, M.S.*.East Hampstead, NH 603-475-0962 (Please email to: or ).(Please visit) I love the four letter word Done.Some of my key strengths are.A Hands on Senior Project and I.T. Manager with an excellent track record

Management Competiton Project Test

22nd Annual Conference Dubrovnik, Croatia 17th 22nd November 2009.MANAGEMENT COMETITION.Management Competition Project Task.Dubrovnik cable car upper station.The best views of Dubrovnik and the surrounding area can be seen from the top of the Srđ Hill

The Osamanabad District Central Co-Op Bank Ltd

The Kolhapur District Central Co-op Bank Ltd.The Kolhapur District Central Co-op. Bank Ltd.Head Office, 1092,E Ward, Shahupuri, Kolhapur.Tender Document.Cash Recycler Machines.Prebid Meeting 15/11/2016.Last Date for Submission: 18/11/2016 Before 5.30 PM.PART : B COMMERCIAL

I Have Made an Analysis of Some Kitcar Chassis Frames Using Finite Element Analysis And

The Lowcost Chassis.The chassis modifications necessary to make big improvements in typical space frames are simple and do not always result in increased weight or complication. The following is a summary of my analysis of the Seven type of chassis with

Business Career Serivces Sample Resume Phrases

BUSINESS CAREER SERIVCES SAMPLE RESUME PHRASES.Sales and Retail.Advised customers on purchases.Operated POS cash register for sporting goods company, working on weekends and during school breaks.Provided exceptional customer service and support

Planet Ark Wants You to Shop at a Big Aussie Swap

Media Release <Insert date here>.Planet Ark wants you to shop at a Big Aussie Swap.<insert organisation name> is inviting all Australians to look at their overflowing wardrobes and take part in a Big Aussie Swap during Planet Ark s National Recycling Week from 9th -15th November