9:30-9:35 WELCOME and INTRODUCTIONS Kathleen Ridings (Chair)

Attendance: Peg Gavin (LifeWorks); Elvira Lathrop (ATCIC), Allyson Randal (Green Doors); Rick Rivera (Salvation Army); Kathy Ridings (Salvation Army); Ann Howard (ECHO), Liz Baker (ATCIC), Greg McCormack (Front Steps), Melinda Cantu (SafePlace), Veronica

Arial 20 Pt, Bold Headline

press release.ENGEL Medical Day Events.Focusing on system solutions and technologies designed specifically for the medical molding market, ENGEL North America will be hosting ENGEL Medical Day events at their Technical Centers in York/PA and Corona/CA

Event Workplan & Checklist

Title of Event.Event Workplan & Checklist

DASA Core Practice #2- Division/Department Initiative Goal #2

Narrative: Core Practice #2 focuses on the district administrator/staff member developing a second performance goal based on a major/primary initiative that the administrator is responsible for achieving and is aligned to the District Strategic Plan

Texas Commission on Environmental Quality s10

Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.Exemption 106.150 Checklist.Previously Standard Exemption 122.Asphalt Concrete Storage Silo.Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.Exemption 106.150 Checklist.Previously Standard Exemption 122.Asphalt Concrete Storage Silo

Guide to Managing Risks Associated with Foundry Work

GUIDE TO MANAGING RISKS.ASSOCIATED WITH.Table of Contents.1.1 What is foundry work? 4.1.2 Who has duties associated with foundry work? 5.1.3 How to manage health and safety risks 6.1.4 Information, instruction and training 7.2 CONTROLLING RISKS FROM FOUNDRY WORK 8.2.1 Molten metal explosions 8

The Challenges of Silo Isolation

Improving Silo Isolation with Pinch Valves.Todd Loudin, President, Larox Flowsys North America.Silo isolation can be a challenge if you do not use the correct type of valve for the top of the cement silos. The cost of selecting a wrong valve can be huge

CATEGORY: Classification s227

CATEGORY: Classification s227

CATEGORY: Classification.Ms. Tara Tompkins.Eighteen Karat.Langley, British Columbia.RE: The tariff classification of natural mineral stones from Canada.Dear Ms. Tompkins.In your letter dated August 10, 2007 you requested a tariff classification ruling

Data Definitions and Sources s1

Data Definitions and Sources s1

Data Definitions and Sources.1 2005 International Dollars figures are PPP converted and measured in 2005 constant prices. See PWT 7.0 for more details

Detailed Narrative Description of the Practice Or Program, Limited to One Page Or Less

Institutional benefits.The Smart Labs program is an integrated approach to laboratory energy retrofit and new construction projects. UC Irvine s Energy Team has developed a roadmap to look at each system and break it down into its basic components to

Request for Certification and Release of Funds Form s4

Project Initiation/Planning.Request for Certification and Release of Funds Form.All Certified Projects Must Follow NM State Policies and Procurement Code.Executive Sponsor.Certification History (Include any previous project or phase certifications and this request)

CHAPTER 1: What Is the Business Environment?

CHAPTER 1: What is the Business Environment?.Key Revision Points.Systems and Environments.An environment can be defined as everything which surrounds a system.Business organisations exist to turn inputs from their environment (e.g. materials, labour and

Notice Inviting Tenders s2

TENDER FOR INTERIOR WORKS - FURNISHING WORKS.NOTICE OF INVITATION TO TENDER.Invites Sealed Tender from Interior Contractors vendors having sound Technical & Financial capacity for the works mentioned below.TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION FOR INTERIOR WORKS CARPENTARY & JOINERY

Living Smart to Grow Your Business s1

Connect to Sustainability. Connect to Success.Since its launch in 2004, the HSBC Living Business Programme has been helping small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Hong Kong become more competitive and productive by incorporating socially and environmentally

Sample EDI Transmission

Sample EDI Transmission.Communications Transport Protocol is the Value Added Network (VAN) connection.Interchange Control Header is ISA and Interchange Control Trailer is IEA.Functional Group Header is GS and Functional Group Trailer is GE

CS-214 Position Description Form s25

CS-214 Position Description Form s25